Telephone & Video Consultations

Recording Patient Consultations for Training Purposes

Westcourt Medical Centre is a training practice and we are actively involved in the training of experienced doctors who are starting a career in General Practice. We are also involved in the training of undergraduate medical students.

As part of this training programme, we regularly use telephone and video for patient consultations and recordings of them are assessed as part of the educational process. You may be visiting this page as you have been asked permission for a telephone or video consultation with a doctor to be recorded.

The telephone and video recording is ONLY of you and the doctor talking together. Intimate examinations will not be recorded and video recording can be switched off on request. All recordings are carried out according to guidelines issued by the General Medical Council.

Only those persons who have legal access to your medical records will see the video or hear the recording, and also doctors and advisers involved in assessment. Its use will be limited to the assessment of the doctor with whom you are consulting and possibly for research, learning and teaching purposes.

All telephone calls to the practice are recorded securely on our telephony provider's server and are fully GDPR compliant.

We will be using the ‘iConnect’ and 'FourteenFish' mobile phone applications for the recording of video consultations, and uploading to secure sites for assessment. They are both subject to the same degree of confidentiality and security as medical records. Recordings will be erased as soon as practicable and in any event within three years. Please visit the iConnect webpage for more information here and the FourteenFish website here:

These services are relatively new to GP surgeries and have been swiftly procured so that doctors can continue through their GP qualifications whilst under pandemic lockdown. Our Data Protection Officers are working through the compliance documents, to ensure they meet the NHS’ strict GDPR guidelines.

You do not have to agree with your consultation with the doctor being recorded. If you want the video recording turned off, or change your mind about the telephone recording being used, please tell the doctor. This is not a problem, and will not affect your consultation in any way. But if you do not mind your consultation being recorded, we are very grateful to you.

Please confirm your consent to having your video consultation recorded to training assessment purposes by replying YES to the text message you were sent. This agreement will be recorded in your medical record.

If a telephone call recording is to be used, you will be asked for your consent at the start and end of the call. This is to ensure you are happy with what has been discussed being used for examination purposes.

Improving the assessment of GPs should lead to a better service to patients. Thank you very much for your help.