Natalie Barker

Natalie Barker

Gender: Female

Natalie completed her Adult Nurse training in 2008, working for 3 years on an Acute Medical and Gastroenterology ward before transitioning to Intensive Care and High Dependency in Chichester.  Initially starting as a Staff Nurse - Natalie quickly developed a passion for Critical Care and after cementing a foundation of knowledge in a highly specialist area, embarked on the Acute Care Pathway BSc which allowed her to specialise in Intensive Care. Soon after she was promoted to Deputy Sister.

Alongside taking charge of the unit, Natalie began to specialise further undertaking various training in ventilation, renal, and cardiovascular courses amongst many others, before then choosing to specialise in the education of Critical care staff. Just before the pandemic - Natalie was again promoted to Senior Sister and Practice Educator of Critical care. Here she helped develop and refresh education for all staff. She has completed MSc PG Cert - and is a qualified teacher within Healthcare.

Something Natalie is particularly proud of is that she designed an online Critical Care resource for staff to access both at home and within the working environment - she was then chosen to speak about this resource at a Critical Care Network conference to discuss how this quality improvement project helped to motivate and regenerate education through the use of responsive innovation.  Natalie helped to lead the team throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, working tirelessly alongside the team, but also designing and delivering a Critical care training course to rapidly up skill staff working in other areas of the hospital to help work alongside the ITU team and creating a study session for hospital staff to use new interfaces to help treat patients hospitalised with COVID-19. Natalie is so proud to have worked alongside an incredible team in such difficult times and the comradery and  memories will stay with her for the rest of her career.

After nearly 15 years in Critical Care, Natalie decided to move out of the hospital setting and move to Westcourt as a Nurse Practitioner and hopes to become an Advanced Nurse Practitioner in the coming years. She is part of the Urgent Care Team at Westcourt working alongside the Paramedic team and Physician associate.

Out of work Natalie is a soon to be wife and proud Mummy to two lovely children and likes to keep fit by running and attending Bounce classes!