Teaching and Training


Medical Students

We are a teaching practice and students sometimes sit in with the doctors and nurses. If you prefer not to have a student sitting in, please let the doctor or receptionist know.



General Practitioner Registrars

GP Registrars are often attached to the practice and are fully qualified doctors gaining experience in general practice.

For your information:

We have different grades of junior doctors who work and receive training in the practice: ST1s, ST2s & ST3s (formerly 'Registrars') and FY2 (Foundation) doctors.

ST Doctors (Specialty Training Registrars) are in specialist training before becoming a General Practitioner. They will have had  experience of a variety of hospital posts, having been qualified as a doctor for at least two years before coming into general practice:

ST1s and ST2s – fully qualified doctors on their early pathway to being a GP (usually with us for a 4 month block)

ST3s - fully qualified doctors but not yet GPs, in their final year of GP training (usually with us for a 12 month block - August to July)

FY2 doctors are in their second year of their Foundation programme following qualification as a doctor. The Foundation programme is aimed at giving junior doctors a wide experience of working in a variety of clinical settings at an early stage of their medical careers. They may, however, go on to specialise in any area from brain surgery to cardiology. Our FY2 doctors will often (but not always) speak to their supervising doctor when you see them.

Both ST and FY2 doctors are fully qualified doctors who are able to treat and advise patients in general practice. They are supervised by the practice GPs, who will be their trainer.

If you are seeing such a doctor you can expect to receive the quality of service you would from your own GP If you have any concerns please mention this to a member of staff.


Videoing Consultations

As part of on-going training some doctors may on occasion video their consultations. Consent is always obtained from patients prior to their appointment being videod. You of course have the opportunity to decline.