SignLive - British Sign Language Interpreter for Patients

Are you a British Sign Language user?

Under the current Government guidelines, face-to-face interactions are being limited by organisations of all types. GP surgeries have switched to online, telephone and video contact only, which is inadvertently reducing access for many deaf people.

With SignLive you can now:

  • book appointments by telephone;
  • have a telephone consultation with a GP.


How Do I Use SignLive?

A SignLive phone call allows you to speak to your GP or nurse via a BSL interpreter. When your GP makes a call to you via SignLive, an on-screen interpreter will appear and relay the telephone conversation.

All you need to do is download and register on the free SignLive app using your smartphone or tablet from the App Store or Google Play.The first time you use SignLive you will need to register as a one-off. This will give you good video quality and also means that your calls are secure.

  • register for a SignLive account using your email address, or a Facebook/Google account;
  • you can then log in and start using the service.

When you want to make a call:

  • click on "Community Directory" and scroll down, clicking on the dropdown arrow for "West Sussex CCG - Coastal West Sussex";
  • find Westcourt Surgery in the list and tap on our name;
  • click the green call button to start the process;
  • you will then be connected to a BSL interpreter before your call.

Things To Note

  • you will need a WiFi/3G/4G connection and a laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone with the webcam and audio
  • SignLive does not use up the minutes on your phone contract, but it does use data at 100Mb an hour;
  • if you have any technical issues, contact SignLive by email at or telephone 0330 822 0822.

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